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Operation Of The System
Land Banks
Services Performed By Banking Institutions
Commercial Paper
Foreign Exchange
Classification Of Banking Institutions
State Banks
Adequacy And Economy Of Service
Domestic Exchange

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The Origin And Functions Of Money
The Early History Of Money
Qualities Of The Material Of Money
Legal Tender
The Greenbacks
International Bimetallism
The Silver Question In The United States
Index Numbers
Banking Operations And Accounts
The Use Of Credit Instruments In Payments In The United States

The Nature Functions And Classification Of Banking Institutions

The terms, "bank" and "banking," are applied to institutions and to
businesses which differ considerably in character, functions, and
methods, but which nevertheless have certain common features which
justify their being grouped together. We can best prepare the way for
a discussion of these differences and common features by a description
of the services which these institutions perform in modern society.

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