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Major Movements In Prices
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When To Sell Stocks
When Not To Buy Stocks
The Money Market And Stock Prices

When Not To Buy Stocks

There are times when stocks should not be bought, and that is when
nearly all stocks have advanced beyond their real values. It is doubtful
if there ever is a time when all stocks have advanced beyond their real
values, but when the great majority of stocks have so advanced, there is
likely to be a general decline in all stock prices. The stocks that are
not selling too high will decline some in sympathy with the others.
Therefore, there are times when we advise our clients not to buy any

Some organizations giving advice in regard to the buying of stocks,
advise their clients to refrain entirely from buying for periods of a
year or longer, but we think it is seldom advisable to refrain entirely
from buying for any great length of time. There usually are some good
opportunities if you watch carefully for them. It is our business to
watch for these opportunities and tell our clients about them.

There are also times when the technical condition of the market is such
that we advise our clients to refrain from buying for a while. See
Chapter XIV.

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